Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chandler's Kamikaze

One of the things I really enjoyed about putting the first run of GarageBoyz Magazine together was getting to spend time with local owners and their machines. I was pretty stoked when Chandler of Dirty Hands Choppers brought by his CB750 build for a FEATURE BIKE article. (Issue 4)

The donor Honda CB750 ( pic supplied by Chandler) was something most us would want to own just as it was. I love  750 4's,  and this fine looking stock example went under the torch and turned into the Kamikaze. You gotta admire the vision in this build to see the before and after.
A lot of the bikes finishing details really give this bike that  "you know you ain't walking past me without checkin this shit out " look.  The Samurai Sword hand shifter alone is over the top slick, so check out the article in GarageBoyz Magazine's Issue 4 and see more.