Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Local Original 1962 Harley-Davidson Panhead

The owner of this bike brings it to the Rolling Thunder weekend events at Battley Harley-Davidson in Gaithersburg. It is one of the bikes I looked forward to seeing every year. It is as pristine as any new bike, and its one owner has kept it completely documented having everything from the original Bill of Sale forward.

He proudly shows the bike along with some of those documents in the main parking lot, and its was a rare moment that I was able to grab some pics with out a crowd circling it.

 I am glad to see such an original bike and a prideful owner who believes in preserving the history and lifespan of his motorcycle. The roughly 8x4 spot he parks the bike on becomes like a time machine trip or a museum. The other thing I love about  this bike is that I've never seen it on a trailer, so its gets seen, heard and watched in motion and that is kool.